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We simplify job searching so you can focus on what matters..

Looking for is a job is a stressful and tedious task. We are here to change that.

Our story

There is a growing demand for A.I. solutions as helping tools for people. The Workali team is dedicated to that vision. Workali is start-up based in Montreal, Canada. We build a job searching bot that saves you time and stress. Our service is founded on natural language processing technology (NLP) and other neuronal network systems to process HR and company-related data that are shared and accessible on the Internet.

Our product is very simple. It's a filter digging the best job opportunities related to your skills and background.

The robot works on any chat platform such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik and more.

Upload your resume and the robot automatically searches the Web for the best matches..

Looking for a job is tedious and journey, not to mention the financial and social distress you are facing while manually browsing several websites in search of opportunities that align with your skills, background and needs.

Through this dreadful process, unemployed people are stricken by the fear of not finding a job and the hope of accessing their dream career. Most of the time, they are wasting energy by applying to positions that do not fit their profile.

The HR economy runs on the volume of people applying to jobs they are not qualified for.

The more CVs you send, the more job boards acquire data and earn money!

The more CVs you send, the more the big corporations are required to hire HR companies to filter applicants.

Everything is designed to flood you with job openings. However, nothing helps you see clear through the opportunities that good for you or not.

We believe a robot can solve the problem.