We are on a journey to change the way businesses find candidates.

Never miss qualified talents ever again.
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Access the first passive candidate's network

Your career page, re-invented.

Our AI widget enables candidates to drop their resume directly on a company’s website. It will instantly match them with currently opened positions.

Matching candidates are one click away from the application process, with the confidence that each opened positions presented to them are worth applying to.

Unmatched candidates can either solicit a spontaneous candidacy or try to match with our global pool of opened positions. This way, businesses allows candidates they don’t need to meet other businesses who might need them, and conversely.

It’s like a particle accelerator, for talents. But unlike the Large Hadron Collider, it takes less than a minute to set-up, install and start using.

Accelerate your recruiting process.

We aim to significantly reduce the time between "I need to hire someone" and "So, this is your desk".

Right now, you only get 2% of qualified applicants for the job.
Using our solution,100% of your candidates are pre-qualified.
And you get access to the best matching people for your need from our global pool of active candidates.

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Something’s broken in the recruitment market. Let’s fix it.

Ever since the US Department of Labor started tracking the average time to hire, it has never been so long. Despite new recruiting solutions spawning every year, none of them has yet been able to move that needle backward.

Moreover, only 6% of candidates seeing an offer take the time to apply. And most of them are not even qualified. It’s a huge waste of time for both employers and candidates. With our widget, you get 100% of the resumes people drop on your website and we sort them by relevance in your private dashboard.

Never miss talents ever again

Fast and simple. Look.

We redefine and accelerate the talent acquisition experience.

A widget to engage with your best prospective talents. Where they are, not where you would like them to be.

Add two lines of code on your website and get up and running in minutes. Start with a free plan, upgrade as you go. You’ll receive the resumes of all candidates searching through your widget and the matching resumes from our global pool of candidates as they come in. Custom brand the widget if you wish. Connect it to your favorite ATS and job boards if you must.

An artificial intelligence to match every opportunities with the right talents, wherever they may be.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence match resumes against your opened positions in less than 3 seconds. Don’t wait for candidates to find what position is right for them. Don’t let yourself manually sort hundreds of resumes to find the right talent. Let a machine do the work so you can spend more quality time on the candidates who really matters. Is it the best artificial intelligence ever created? That’s what we thrive for. Does it work well for 90% of the recruitment scenarios? Definitely.

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