Search less. Find Better.

We ease the job search experience so you can focus on what matters.

The best decentralized recruitment platform

We build a product to change the job search experience.

The Widget is very simple. It's digging the best skills and background related to a job opportunity.

It works in seconds and require only 1 line of code to be integrated into your Website, Facebook, Blog posts, etc...

We ask Job Seekers to upload a resume before they get access to the matching job openings only.

You miss 90% of the resumes you could get from your website

With Workali, you get 100% of the data, and all the applicants have the qualifications to do the job.

If a job seeker can't find an opportunity on your website, we drive him somewhere he will find a job matching his qualification.

This process help us bring efficiency, quality and instantaneous results in the talent search process.

In the future, we will instantly suggest the right and available profile at the moment you open a position.

A 0 day hiring process is possible!