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How it works?

  1. Add one line of code on your website to install our widget
  2. Add as many job post as you need
  3. Transform your best applicants (the ones visiting your website) into recruiting leads
  4. Let our Artificial Intelligence rank applicants as they apply
  5. Engage applicants as soon as they apply


For pre-order only

Until the end of march 2019, if you don't have anyone to do it (and we cannot stress enough how simple it is), we will install the widget on your website for free


Monthly prices




  • One user
  • Unlimited job posts
  • 30 resumes free

Additionnal users



  • Per additionnal users
  • Unlimited job posts

Resumes processing

less than


  • Global talents database
  • First 100 resumes free
  • Unlimited job posts
  • Unlimited storage

Custom widget



  • Add your logo, your colors
  • Custom placement options
  • Custom text